Laravel Extract Language to lang files

I'm writing a new Laravel book on testing called Laravel Testing Cookbook

Adding pinned posts with Laravel

Laravel Livewire Resources

Upload images in Ckeditor 5 with Laravel

Dev Retro 2022 - My reflections

Setup Jira for managing scrum Sprints from scratch

PHP Generate a UL menu from an array


Write an SEO-friendly title: A quick start guide

Use PHP to generate table of contents from heading tags

Running Docker on M1 Mac - docker: compose is not a docker

Using Laravel Sail alongside PhpStorm

Handle Stripe checkout webhooks

The New Reality of AI-Generated Content Creation

Sell products with Stripe

Laravel update factory after creation

Laravel boot multiple traits

Laravel how to test CSV download

Laravel organise migrations into folders

Laravel how to set app environment during tests

Test Laravel Packages with PestPHP

Laravel Sync Remote Database Package

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2022: Tips for Web Developers

Generate PDF and Epub files using Pandoc

Released Laravel TALL AdminTW theme

My Termial Aliases

Mockery 1 Illuminate Console OutputStyle askQuestion() but no expectations were specified

Laravel Security Headers

Livewire clear modal on close

Livewire confirm Sweet Alert

Image intervention - Image source not readable

Fatal: Authentication failed (on git push)

50% off Modular Laravel book until April 17th

Testing dynamic file uploads with Laravel

New Laravel Package: Laravel Module Generator

Laravel Modules new docs website

Best productivity app for mac: Alfred

New book: Laravel The Modular Way


View calenders in Terminal using built-in commands

10 Best Bootstrap Free and Premium Admin Panels in 2021

Using Laravel's withCount to count a sub query

Laravel Livewire update dependent select menu's on change

Create Bitly short links with PHP

Testing Blade components in Laravel

How to rebuild search indexes on a table.

Filter FullCalendar and DataTables

Push content to bottom of card

Robust CSV export

Format Xero dates from the API

Copy SSH key onto remote server

Get the last day of the month from a date

Run tests on commit

Add Laravel Valet certificate to Postman

How Long Can You Buy A Domain Name For?

8 Ways to Choose the Best Domain Name

Setting up a new Mac checklist (2021 Edition)

Integrate Laravel with Xero

Easily switch PHP versions with PHP Monitor

Laravel Livewire testing download

Import SweetAlert2 into Laravel with NPM


Login with Microsoft Graph

Released Tailwindcss Admin theme

Laravel Sent Emails Package

Laravel Blade Components Package

Laravel load anonymous components from packages

ASCII to Binary in PHP

My favourite VS Code extensions

My Mac Development Tools

Converting MSSQL to MySQL

Composer Allowed memory size error

composer install killed

Reversing and Re-ordering ol items in HTML

MySQL 8 The server requested authentication method unknown to the client

Software/tools for self-publishing books

jQuery Fullcalender with PHP and MySQL

MySQL categories and subcategories

Writing to an existing PDF with FPDI

Easily assign variable when using explode in PHP

Latitude and Longitude with Google Maps

Laravel Merge PDFs

Laravel API change unauthenticated message

Laravel returns 302 for unauthenticated calls

Upgrade Laravel Valet to PHP 7.4

How to integrate PayPal into PHP

Send emails with Office 365 SMTP

V1 PDO Wrapper released

Test composer packages locally

Convert translate message calls to a single json language file


MySQL 8.0+ error: The server requested authentication method unknown to the client

Switching between PHP versions with Homebrew

Upgrade PHP 7.4 with Homebrew

Laravel adding custom validation errors

The PHP Workshop

Setup Linode - Part 10 Laravel

Setup Linode - Part 9 Remote MySQL over SSH

Setup Linode - Part 8 MySQL

Setup Linode - Part 7 Lets Encrypt

Setup Linode - Part 6 Virtual Hosts

Setup Linode - Part 5 Composer

Setup Linode - Part 4 Apache Enable Mod Rewrite

Setup Linode - Part 3 upgrade to PHP 7.3

Setup Linode - Part 2 Users

Setup Linode - Part 1 LAMP

Laravel Full Text Search

Sublime Text open folder in Terminal

Laravel Telescope error when running tests ReflectionException: Class env does not exist

Upcoming Event: The Humber Care Tech Challenge 2019

Add items into a request object

Digital Ocean - Add SSH key to droplet after creation

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 9 Laravel

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 8 Composer

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 7 Remote MySQL

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 6 MySQL

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 5 Lets Encrypt

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 4 Virtual Hosts

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 3 Apache Enable Mod Rewrite

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 2 Upgrade PHP to 7.3

Setup Digital Ocean - Part 1 LAMP

Build a Dropbox File Manager in Laravel - Part 2 Breadcrumbs

Build a Dropbox File Manager in Laravel - Part 1 Setup and Folder Listings

Adding a Drag and Drop image uploads & custom upload script to CKEditor 4

Integrate elFinder 2.1 with CKEditor 4

Simpler filesize calculations

PHP search string

Solving: Guzzle errors truncated

Need place holder images for a new design? Placeholder is perfect for the job

Laravel Module routes list

Mask a .php page with Mod Rewrite

Formatting dates to use timezone

Laravel download base64 encoded files

strtotime Add Two Working Days

Crontab command to delete itself

Laravel download files from a route

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 9 Cover Image

Dealing with posting large number of checkboxes


Export to CSV

Announcing DC Casts

Pick up my book Beginning PHP for a fiver

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Wildcard Certificate on ubuntu 18

Training resources I've used over the last 12 months

From Cooking to Coding

Talk: Integrating Microsoft Graph API with Laravel

Laravel package MsGraph

Fixing ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock'

Essential Laravel Packages

Setting up a new mac checklist

Laravel accessing auth in Service Providers

Ubuntu switching php versions

Setting up development environment on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Valet command not found

Integrated Terminal in Sublime Text with Terminus Package

Laravel import large CSV file

GIVEAWAY - WIN a copy of my book Beginning PHP

Laravel send multiple attachments to Mailables

HEY Bloggers - Launch Event

Laravel Limit Login Attempts

Beginning PHP

Microsoft Graph API access is denied. check credentials and try again

Using Laravel ORM Standalone Paginate

Two info packed resources to help you learn SEO

An introduction to keyword research

Is it ever a good idea to republish your blog content?

PHP Import SQL from a .sql file

HEY Bloggers - a Hull and East Yorkshire networking event for Bloggers and Creatives

Get involved and help the NHS with The Humber Care Tech Challenge

Is GDPR set to be the death of WHOIS?

Get premium keyword research without the price tag

Eliminate SEO errors from your website with these 3 tactics

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 8 Tags Sidebar

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 7 Tags

Support me, become a Patreon!

Stripe change pay panel label

GitHub use a single SSH key for all repositories

How Laravel's optional() helper can keep your pages running

Laravel Importing SQL dumps with seeds

My top VS Code Extensions (Plugins)

Laravel apply a query constraint with global scopes

Laravel set default value for creating model instances

Financial year select menu

Regular expression to convert usernames into links like Twitter

A Brief Introduction to Gulp

Laravel storing mailables

Laravel retrieving records in a random order

Laravel show zeros when using zerofill in Eloquent

Laravel login as user without their password

Laravel add custom exception handling

Laravel add login throttling with custom login controller

Create an XML sitemap

Laravel create an RSS reed

Laravel get previous and next record

Laravel force https with url helper


Laravel blade - Remove the last comma from array

jQuery autocomplete on new element

Laravel 5.5 change public to public_html

Use TPL syntax highlighting in Atom with Nova Framework

Github deploy to server

GitLab deploy to server

Terminal open folder in Atom

Terminal open folder in Sublime Text

Laravel 5.5 use a prefix on database tables

Which social network is best for sharing technical content?

Inspect incoming HTTP requests with RequestBin

Ghost Browser my new go to browser

Stripe API pass custom variables

Stripe API save and process incoming web hooks

Stripe API format invoices totals

Stripe API display invoices and line items

Stripe API change subscription plan

Stripe API resume a cancelled subscription

Stripe API updating credit card stored in Stripe

Stripe API get customer information

Stripe API Cancel Subscription

Stripe API subscribing new and existing Stripe customers

Stripe API validate a subscription plan exists

Stripe API loop over subscription plans

Getting Stripe API setup with Nova Framework

Calculate gross profit and gross margin javascript calculator

New course on Nova Framework building a blog module

Look up domains whois/dns using terminal

Firefox adds support for preload attribute

Nova Framework - Code Snippets

Disable caching whilst using Chrome developer tools

Mariabdb Avoid Invalid datetime format: when date is empty

Laravel 5.4 toggle sidebar state with AdminLte using Ajax and Sessions

GIT alias shortcuts in terminal

Laravel 5.4 access auth in constructor using middleware

PHP read file from network drive

CodePenHull Meet Up April Review

The PHP magazine you should be reading PHP Architect

Fixing Chrome Syncing problem

Using Carbon time ago aka diffForHumans() with Nova Framework

Working with bank holidays with a Carbon wrapper

Free SSL's with A2hosting and Let's Encrypt

MySQL find and replace

MySQL next record order by title

Using MAMP and dealing with the error: mysql No such file or directory

Creating an alias in terminal

Quick way to get the number of days in a month with PHP

Get a free SSL certificate using Cloudflare

Splitting an array into smaller arrays using array_chunk

Bear writing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

My office setup

Cases where php's short tags should be avoided

Using X-editable for inline editing

Stop Bootstrap drop menu's being cut off in responsive tables


Laravel 5.3 login with username instead of email

Laravel 5.3 send errors to email

Laravel 5.3 install whoops

laravel 5.3 disable registration

Laravel Auto redirect if not logged in

Run Python 3 as default when Python 2 is installed on a Mac

Stop the Mac's play button auto opening iTunes by default

Using MPDF with Nova Framework

.blog the new domain for daveismyname

Using Mamp database with Nova Framework

Admin Panel with AdminLTE

Nova Framework 3.75.0 released

Custom Pagination for Nova Framework

Catch emails when in development using Mailtrap fake smtp testing server

Worldwide mobile usage takes over desktop usage for the first time!

Wakatime - record time spent coding automatically

Front-End Tooling Survey 2016

Post to Slack using the incoming webhooks API

Install PHP INTL on Mac using HomeBrew

How to use Github Hooks to send updates to your website

Get involved in open source with Github's Hacktoberfest

How many KCOM engineers does it take to install Lightstream in one flat?

PHP reverse date using strtotime

Changing default mysql password for MySQL 5.7 on a Mac

Open current terminal directory in Sublime Text

Installing Laravel installer globally on Mac

Installing php 7 on Mac

PHP 5.5 is now end of live, upgrade to 5.6 or higher.

Developers Resources

Fixed header on scroll

Hide form elements easily with conditionize.js

Mac: Wrap any website to a desktop app using Fluid

Autoscroll page with jQuery

How to submit a form with JavaScript by clicking a link

Github announces unlimited private repositories

Gitlab download private repository as tar.gz with php

Bash loop through files and FTP them

Nova 3.0 released

5 free beautiful bootstrap themes

How to Set up PHP Statistics

What I'm looking forward to at next weeks PHP UK Conference

Using Notifications API combined with page visibility API

HTML 5 Submit form - multiple actions with formaction

Website deployment with Bitbucket and FTPloy

Extract image source from img tag

Checking all array keys are the same with PHP


PHP 7 has been released!

Common SSH commands

Free Bootstrap Admin Themes

Stop MAMP delay between saving and viewing changes

A dead simple way to run php 7 locally using bitnami mamp stack

Dynamically set iframe properties with jQuery

iframe set height to 100%

Post updates to Buffer using PHP

Add a Buffer button to your website

PHP Code Snippets - relaunched

My favourite Evernote feature on a iPhone

Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins

Otto the successor to Vagrant (portable development environments)

Leverage PHP to decrease page load times

Duplicate form sections with jQuery

Language tends on Github for 2015

Sending emails with PHPMailer and Mandrill

Useful Google Chrome Tips

Create a list of items from a folder using scandir

Book Review: Building Secure PHP Apps

Reading markdown files with parsedown

Scraping GitHub

comparing multiple values against in_array

Using Premailer to convert styles to inline styles for HTML emails automatically with PHP

PHP 7 Beta released

Code Club kids earn their first term certificate

PHP 7 Alpha 1 released

My PHP Story - 20 years of PHP

Speed up your website using minify

What type of web development tutorials do you prefer?

Add hour to datetimepicker

Best PHP Framework for 2015 results for Simple MVC Framework

Forcing HTTPS with PHP

Angular JS and HTML5 Admin Templates

SitePoint's Best PHP Framework 2015 Survey

Cpanel create emails with php

Create PDF with form data

How to backup and restore a MySQL Database

Beginner Guides

Using filters with Heidisql

A week without my Mac

Vivaldi - Taking the new browser for a spin

Vivaldi a new browser from Ex-Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner


Weekly tech newsletters

Mini Course - Build a blog with Simple MVC Framework

5 Free Bootstrap Responsive Templates on Themifycloud

Upload multiple files with a single input with HTML 5 and PHP

Select previous and next rows in MySQL

My TOP Sublime Text plugins

Backup to Dropbox with PHP

Running mysqldump with PHP

Using closures and $this within a class with PHP

Get initials from a name

Quick way to add hours and minutes with PHP

HTML5 support for older browsers

HSAD Degree Show 2014 - Mini Review

Form to CSV with PHP

Display Xbox live data with xboxapi and cache it

Macaw: Route closures and controllers

Collect remote CSV file and save to a local CSV file using PHP

Retain rows when using a GROUP BY with GROUP_CONCAT

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 6 Pagination

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 5 Sidebar, Categories and Archives

Latest videos from Simple MVC Framework TV

Importing Wordpress posts to another system using the exported XML file

Login and Registration system with PHP

Quick Tip: when MPDF hangs generating a PDF

Writing to an existing PDF with PHP

Connecting to Gmail with imap_open


Use Google finance calculator to convert currency with PHP

Detecting dynamic form submissions with php

Free Web Development E-Book Giveaway from Developer.Press

Super simple form Captcha using RainCaptcha

MySQL get users birthday

Book Review - PHP Array Filtering, The Use cases

PHP's extract function and HTML arrays

Wordpress Twenty Thirteen theme - display post excerpt's

Building a content management system from scratch - SEO URLS

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 4 Categories

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 3 comments with Disqus

Fixing mod_fcgid: read data timeout

Preview a domain by editing your host file

Launched a new PHP framework - Simple MVC Famework

A few tips on using Photoshop from a developers perspective

Securing elFinder with a login page

Load MP3's from a folder with option to play on page

Connecting to a MySQL database with PDO

Get longitude and latitude from an address with PHP and Google Maps API

Display Tweets from Twitter for API 1.1

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP - Part 2 SEO URLS

Creating a blog from scratch with PHP

Detecting and replacing bad words in PHP

Create an RSS feed with PHP

Simple Member Only Page

Sending HTML emails & attachments using PHP & Swiftmailer

Adding multiple times together in an array with PHP

Splitting a telephone number in php with substr

How to upload videos to YouTube with PHP

Dynamically binding select menus with PHP & jQuery

Autocomplete with PHP, MySQL and Jquery UI

Use advanced filters in Sequel Pro

Released new Wordpress plugin WP Luminous - Syntax highlighter

Getting the week commencing date and week number using PHP

Generate a PDF from a web page

Pagination with a PHP class

PHP adding multiple times together

Connecting to your MySQL database with PDO (PHP Data Object)


Display YouTube videos from a users RSS Feed with PHP

Easily make your tables responsive with JS/CSS

Avoiding pageshift by forcing a scrollbar with CSS

3 ways to disable autocomplete on your forms

Dynamic Form with jQuery UI datepicker

Myspace redesign in an effort to rise again

mp4 player made easy with HTML5 Video Player videojs

Grant access based on IP address with PHP

Wordpress Forrst Plugin for Pages

Site running slow find out why with Pingdom Tools

Is a static salt enough when storing passwords?

Highlight matched words in a search

Hiding and protecting a directory with htaccess

Coda 2 released today will you be getting a copy?

Dynamic Form Elements with jQuery

Removing index.php from your codeigniter 2 url with htaccess

Creating a simple captcha form with validation

Show working days of a month excluding weekends with PHP

Creating an image gallery from a folder of images automatically

Wordpress Jetpack get number of Subscriber/followers

Adding Events to Microsoft Outlook from PHP using ICAL

Move emails to selected IMAP Folder

Display mailbox folders with IMAP using PHP

Is Twitter bad for your Blog?

Mixing Jeditable with a Calendar

DroidEdit A text and code editor for android


I've been invited to be a technical reviewer for an upcoming book (PHP and CouchDB Web Development) from Packt publishing.

FotoFlexer resize images easily and quickly

Google Plus API released Read Only Access

Reading events from an iCal Calendar using PHP

Convert mobile number to international format dynamically with php

Create a DOC file with PHP on the fly

HSAD Degree Show 2011 - Mini Review

Limit MySQL output

My thoughts behind Hull KR TV and its nomination for a prestigious Royal Television Society Award

Limit the amount of characters from a MySQL Query

Magic Quotes

Naming your sessions

Inserting data into a database

Creating a table within a database

Viewing data from a database

Counting results in PHP

Building a content management system from scratch

Newsletter Tutorial Part 2 Sending out HTML and Plain Text Emails

Newsletter Tutorial Part 1 The Signup

Importing CSV (spreadsheet) data into a MySQL Database using PHP

Delete rows from a MySQL database with a confirmation

Login Script with Validation

Article pagination with OOP (split article into pages)

How to ping search engines with curl

Reset Password Script

Create a simple FTP class

Connecting to an imap server using imap_open

How to create a language changer with PHP

A simply way to extract title and other attributes from a image tag

Contact Form Tutorial

Resize images on upload

Upload images through a simple form

Avoiding: Headers already sent or Cannot modify header information

Searching with PHP and MySQL beyond LIKE

Registration script with Validation

Change file permissions dynamically with php

Delete folders from server using PHP

Show all MySQL databases and tables

Strip tags from a string

Split a string into parts using explode

Sticky Forms with PHP

Using the Rand() function in PHP

Edit data from a database

Including files

Connecting to a database

PHP Redirect

Switch Statement

dbdsgnr Design your database relationships the easy way

Create Pure CSS Tooltips


Styling forms with CSS

CSS for different versions of IE

Override file upload sizes an htaccess file

Custom error pages with htaccess

Disable Directory Browsing

Javascript Redirect

Motion tween with actionscript

Force Internet Explorer 8 to render IE 7 or 8

Fandomland gets a new logo

Media Queries

DomainTools Desktop Applications

Google Mobile Apps


28 Useful JQuery Sliders You Need To Download

Marketing Methodologies

SEO Terms Definitions

SEO A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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