Working with bank holidays with a Carbon wrapper

David Carr

1 min read - 29th Mar, 2017

Working with dates in php is easy but working with bank holidays is a little more involved thankfully there is an awesome Carbon class that makes it super easy!

Getting setup requires composer:

composer require citco/carbon

Then to use it import it:

use Citco\Carbon;

Then you can initialise it and use it like this:

// Creates a new instance of the class
$c = new Carbon(); // Today's date

Get an array of bank holidays:

// Returns array of holidays for the given year

To check if a date falls on a bank holiday it’s as simple as:

$boolean = $c->isBankHoliday('2017-03-28');

Returns the event when it’s a bank holiday and null for any other day.

Get the library from


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