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Create Bitly short links with PHP

Tutorials PHP & MySQL API

Bitly is a great tool for creating short links, in this post we will use their API to generate links...

David Carr

Laravel API change unauthenticated message

API Laravel Framework Tutorials

When making API calls to Laravel when a user who is not authenticated makes a call a 401 status...

David Carr

Laravel returns 302 for unauthenticated calls

API Laravel Framework Tutorials

I've started to secure API calls with Laravel Airlock, when calling a route that's been secu...

David Carr

Microsoft Graph API access is denied. check credentials and try again

Microsoft Graph API API

When working with Microsoft Graph API I came across this error Access is denied. Check credenti...

David Carr

Post to Slack using the incoming webhooks API

API PHP & MySQL Tutorials

Slack is a great tool for teams I use it to communicate with the rest of my team, recently I’v...

David Carr

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