10 Best Bootstrap Free and Premium Admin Panels in 2021

Dashboards are an essential part of every web application. A good dashboard can help an organization...

Ajmal Khan

Laravel Framework | Tutorials

Using Laravel's withCount to count a sub query

When you need to could a sub query Laravel provides a useful withCount method that is perfect.

David Carr

Laravel Livewire | Laravel Framework | PHP & MySQL | Tutorials

Laravel Livewire update dependent select menu's on change

Since Livewire is reactive, it's easy to hide or show select menu's based on whether another...

David Carr

Tutorials | PHP & MySQL | API

Create Bitly short links with PHP

Bitly is a great tool for creating short links, in this post we will use their API to generate links...

David Carr

PHPUnit | Tests | Laravel Framework | Tutorials

Testing Blade components in Laravel

Laravel provides a range of methods to test parts of the framework, one of which is called blade() w...

David Carr

Tutorials | PHP & MySQL

How to rebuild search indexes on a table.

If you make server changes that could affect your indexes then you will need to rebuild your in...

Dan Sherwood

Tutorials | HTML | Javascript

Filter FullCalendar and DataTables

This guide will provide an outline on integrating a set of input filters with an instance of FullCal...

Dan Sherwood

Design | Tutorials | CSS

Push content to bottom of card

Want to make sure some card content is always at the bottom of their parent cards? Read on to see ho...

Dan Sherwood

Tutorials | PHP & MySQL

Robust CSV export

This article will show you how to export data to a CSV format inside a PHP based project. 

Dan Sherwood

Tutorials | PHP & MySQL

Format Xero dates from the API

Dates in Xero that are not already set to a datestring are in a format like Date(1518685950940+0000)

David Carr

Tutorials | Bash

Copy SSH key onto remote server

Setting up a new project or starting work on a project which is new to you? Read on to discover the...

Dan Sherwood

Laravel Framework | PHP & MySQL | Tutorials

Get the last day of the month from a date

To get the last day of the month use date('t')

David Carr

PHPUnit | Tests | Tutorials | Bash

Run tests on commit

Run your tests every time you commit changes.

David Carr

Tools | Development

Add Laravel Valet certificate to Postman

When working with Postman on a local API served via Valet, you may run into the issue shown above, S...

Dan Sherwood

Hosting | Domains | Marketing | Tools

How Long Can You Buy A Domain Name For?

How long do you have to buy a domain name before it expires? If you need the answer to that question...

Kerry Owston

Domains | Marketing

8 Ways to Choose the Best Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your website can be difficult. You want to choose a good one that...

Kerry Owston

Tools | Development | Design

Setting up a new Mac checklist (2021 Edition)

Whenever I get a new Mac or decide to wipe it and start afresh the following are my go-to tools and...

David Carr

Packages | Laravel Framework | Tutorials | Development

Integrate Laravel with Xero

I've created a video showing how to integrate Laravel with Xero using my Laravel Xero package

David Carr


Easily switch PHP versions with PHP Monitor

When you have multiple versions of PHP installed you may want to switch which version is being...

David Carr

Laravel Livewire | Laravel Framework | Tutorials

Laravel Livewire testing download

Testing Laravel Livewire downloads an expected download by comparing the download name with a respon...

David Carr

Laravel Framework | Javascript | Tutorials

Import SweetAlert2 into Laravel with NPM

SweetAlert2 is a great package for user-friendly alerts, normally I install by adding in script tags...

David Carr

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