The PHP Workshop

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The PHP Workshop by David Carr

Key Features

  • Start building modern and testable PHP web applications
  • Master the basic syntax and fundamental features of PHP
  • Implement object-oriented programming to write modular, well-structured code

Book Description

Do you want to build your own websites, but have never really been confident enough to turn your ideas into real projects? If your web development skills are a bit rusty, or if you've simply never programmed before, The PHP Workshop will show you how to build dynamic websites using PHP with the help of engaging examples and challenging activities.

This PHP tutorial starts with an introduction to PHP, getting you set up with a productive development environment. You will write, execute, and troubleshoot your first PHP script using a built-in templating engine and server. Next, you'll learn about variables and data types, and see how conditions and loops help control the flow of a PHP program. Progressing through the chapters, you'll use HTTP methods to turn your PHP scripts into web apps, persist data by connecting to an external database, handle application errors, and improve functionality by using third-party packages.

By the end of this Workshop, you'll be well-versed in web application development, and have the knowledge and skills to creatively tackle your own ambitious projects with PHP.

What you will learn

  • Set up a development environment and write your first PHP scripts
  • Use inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and other OOP concepts
  • Use HTTP and understand the request-response cycle of an application
  • Perform file operations and interact with external databases
  • Deal with application errors and handle exceptions
  • Use third-party libraries and manage dependencies
  • Connect your application to web services to allow for data exchange

Who this book is for

This book on PHP for beginners will help you if you're just getting started with PHP. Although prior programming experience is not necessary, a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help you grasp the concepts covered more easily.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing PHP
  2. Types and Operators
  3. Control Statements
  4. Functions
  5. Object-Oriented Programming
  6. Using HTTP
  7. Data Persistence
  8. Error Handling
  9. Composer
  10. Web Services

Buy on Amazon £24.73

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