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Tutorials | PHP & MySQL

How to rebuild search indexes on a table.

If you make server changes that could affect your indexes then you will need to rebuild your in...

Dan Sherwood

Tutorials | HTML | Javascript

Filter FullCalendar and DataTables

This guide will provide an outline on integrating a set of input filters with an instance of FullCal...

Dan Sherwood

Design | Tutorials | CSS

Push content to bottom of card

Want to make sure some card content is always at the bottom of their parent cards? Read on to see ho...

Dan Sherwood

Tutorials | PHP & MySQL

Robust CSV export

This article will show you how to export data to a CSV format inside a PHP based project. 

Dan Sherwood

Tutorials | Bash

Copy SSH key onto remote server

Setting up a new project or starting work on a project which is new to you? Read on to discover the...

Dan Sherwood

Tools | Development

Add Laravel Valet certificate to Postman

When working with Postman on a local API served via Valet, you may run into the issue shown above, S...

Dan Sherwood

Personal | Development

From Cooking to Coding

The alliteration is the only thing these two professions have in common with one another, yet I mana...

Dan Sherwood

Javascript | Tutorials

A Brief Introduction to Gulp

Gulp is a frontend task manager. In the simplest of terms, it is a tool which saves you from perform...

Dan Sherwood

PHP & MySQL | Tutorials | Development

How to Set up PHP Statistics

Sometimes you need to make improvements to your code and make things more efficient. Using some simp...

Dan Sherwood

Tools | Design

Angular JS and HTML5 Admin Templates

Keeping in mind the benefits and popularity of Angular JS we have developed few applications of...

Dan Sherwood

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