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The PHP magazine you should be reading PHP Architect

Tools Reviews Development

I’ve recently subscribed to php[architect] I’ve been blown away by the quality of the ma...

David Carr

Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins

Tools Reviews Development Design

Today I came across a fantastic site featuring 980 jQuery plugins (at the time of writing...

David Carr

Book Review: Building Secure PHP Apps

Reviews Development

I’ve just finished reading Building Secure PHP Apps by Ben Edmunds. A securi...

David Carr

My TOP Sublime Text plugins

Tools Reviews Development

My favourite editor is Sublime Text I've tried other editors, no other editor can complete with...

David Carr

HSAD Degree Show 2014 - Mini Review

Reviews Development Design

I attended the Hull School of Art and Design Degree Show last night. Very please to say it was a gre...

David Carr

Book Review - PHP Array Filtering, The Use cases


Do you use arrays? Do you use the most effective inbuilt functions to filter multiple arrays? If not...

David Carr

I've been invited to be a technical reviewer for an upcoming book (PHP and CouchDB Web Development) from Packt publishing.

Reviews Books

I'm thrilled to be asked to review the book, I've of course agreed to review the book which...

David Carr

DomainTools Desktop Applications

Tools Reviews

I use the whois service from domain tools often so I thought I'd share it in case your not aware...

David Carr

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