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DomainTools Desktop Applications

David Carr

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    I use the whois service from domain tools often so I thought I'd share it in case your not aware of it.

    Extend the power of DomainTools to your desktop, browser, and beyond.

    DomainTools for Windows

    Now you can access domain ownership records anytime, anywhere? right from your own desktop! Find out more >

    Whois Toolbar Bookmark

    By placing the DomainTools Whois link in your link bar, you will be able to lookup the Whois record of the site you are visiting. Installation is easy. Simply drag the link to the browsers? link toolbar for Firefox, Chrome and Safari or right-click and ?Add to Favorites? for Internet Explorer. Once installed you don?t have to leave a website to see who owns it?just click the Whois link in the link bar to show the information for the current site. Whois Lookup

    Google Toolbar Plugin

    Installing the plugin places an icon in the Google Toolbar for quick and easy access to DomainTools services including:

    • Whois
    • Domain Search & Suggestions
    • For Sale
    • Internet Statistics
    • And more!

    Get started todayYou must have Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox installed to use this feature.

    Firefox Search Extensions

    Installing these Firefox extensions will add another search engine to Firefox?s search box in the upper right corner of your browser.

    Unofficial Firefox Extensions

    The following Firefox extensions were published by DomainTools users and incorporate the DomainTools services into their functionality.

    • Domain Lookup - Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover valuable generic domain names while surfing the web. Just select the text you wish to check and hit the shortcut key. Domain Lookup checks availability at your favourite registrar in a heartbeat.
    • DT Whois - Adds a button to your browser for easy access to current site?s whois record.
    • SEO - Contains a whois button that uses
    • SEO Toolbar - A customizable toolbar that includes access to the DomainTools Whois service.

    Tools For Your Website

    Do you blog about domains with WordPress? Get the DomainTools WordPress Plugin for your site today!

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