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Connecting to Gmail with imap_open

David Carr

IMAP PHP & MySQL Tutorials

    Using PHP connecting to an POP/IMAP server is a relatively easy process, it can be useful for using webmail or to allow a script to download all emails and store in a database for instance.

    The function required to make the connection is imap_open, it expects three parameters first the connection string made up of the remote host and mailbox folder, followed by the username and password.

    a typical example:

    imap_open("{}INBOX","","passwordofuser") or die(imap_errors()); 

    The above should work just fine, I've found a large number of blogs/articles using that path. 
    I've not had any success with that, Google may have updated this recently, tested the above locally and on a remote server.

    In order to make the connection remove the novalidate-cert.

    imap_open("{}INBOX","","passwordofuser") or die(imap_errors()); 


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