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Testing Blade components in Laravel

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Laravel provides a range of methods to test parts of the framework, one of which is called blade() which allows you to test blade components work as expected.

Let's take a simple blade component:

    'type' => 'submit'

    <button type="{{ $type }}" {{ $attributes->merge(['class' => "btn btn-blue"]) }}>
        {{ $slot }}

this creates a button with a type of submit by default which can be changed by using type="button" when calling the component:

<button type="button">Submit</button>

 Create a test to confirm the button contains Submit text:

/** @test **/
public function button_can_submit(): void

The test passes since the button does contain Submit.

Next test the type can be changed from the default of submit to button:

/** @test **/
public function button_acts_as_a_button(): void
    $this->blade('<x-button type="button">Submit</x-button>')
    ->assertSee('type="button"', false);

In order to test the HTML type="button" the assertSee method needs to stop escaping the markup, this is down by passing false as a second param.

As you can see testing blade components is simple to do, let's do a final test to test the class 'btn btn-blue' exists 

/** @test **/
public function button_has_class(): void
    ->assertSee('btn btn-blue');


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