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A week without my Mac

David Carr


Recently the battery on my Mac has deteriorated a lot, to the point where it lasts only an hour or two. After checking the battery I noticed it was been flagged as "Service Battery" after looking this up online it was clear the battery needed replacing.

My MAC is insured thankfully. I didn't fancy taking the back off just to get to the battery! My model the battery is not detachable. I sent my MAC off for repair.

I've been without my MAC for 4 days now it feels a lot longer then that. I've been using a Windows laptop at work for the time being, I used to use Windows until I switched to Apple. 

to be perfectly honest it's not as bad as I feared it would be but still I cannot wait go to back to my MAC!!

I use Sublime Text as my editor it's cross platform so it's mostly the same as the MAC version. I say mostly as it's not exactly the same I've noted a few differences with comments and auto closing tags although that could be down to plugins that have not been installed on the Windows version yet.

Chrome has been fantastic! I use my Google account with Chrome that way I can login to another computer and have access to all my bookmarks, stored passwords and even the Chrome Extensions this has made using the Windows laptop much easier.

Whilst I'm up and running with my web development, everything seems to take longer on Windows then it does on MAC, I don't want to slag off Windows it's a fine OS and does the job I personally prefer to use Apple's OS for me it works much better, you spend less time getting things to run and just get on with using your programs.

I'm really hoping I get my MAC back today otherwise I'm stuck with a Windows laptop until next week!

One thing this has made me aware of is just how much I use my MAC and how little time I spent getting anything to run and just get on with my programming.

On the bright side this has given me time to give my partner more detailed training sessions for web development and to catch up on my reading currently reading "Advanced PHP and object-oriented programming" highly recommend it!

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