Nova Framework 3.75.0 released

David Carr

1 min read - 21st Nov, 2016

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The system directory is the core of Nova Framework as such it should not be touched, to this end the system directory has been moved to its own repository. 

This makes upgrading Nova Framework a lot easier by running the composer command "composer update" on the root of the project. This will update any changes in the System and won't touch the App directory.

When installed the core Nova Framework files will be located in the Vendor directory under a folder of Nova-framework 

3.75.1 release


present is an option of the mail config it's set to true by default this stops emails being sent out instead a log entry is recorded inside App/Storage/logs/error.log

To be able to send emails pretend should be set to false with this release the setting can be changed from the settings page when config.php is set to database.

This makes turning pretend on and off very easy.

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