PHP 7 Beta released

David Carr

2 min read - 11th Jul, 2015

 PHP recently announced the released: PHP 7.0.0 Beta 1, PHP 5.5.27  & PHP 5.6.11.

As with any beta version it’s not suitable to be used for production, test these out on a development server, find any bugs reports them on PHP’s Bug Tracker

The next beta is expected to be relased on the 23rd of July 2015

New PHP releases are out including PHP 7 Beta 1. Go get them at

— Rasmus Lerdorf (@rasmus) July 11, 2015

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.0.0 Beta 1. This is the third pre-release of the new PHP 7 major series. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system.

Beta 1 marks the feature complete phase. From now on, fundamental changes are not to be expected. What's more, this release brings over 200 commits with about 25 reported bug fixes, as well as security, stability and other improvements. However it was delayed to catch up with the latest OpenSSL release issued on July 9th.

PHP 7.0.0 comes with new version of the Zend Engine with features such as (incomplete list):

  • Improved performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6
  • Consistent 64-bit support
  • Many fatal errors are now Exceptions
  • Removal of old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
  • The null coalescing operator (??)
  • Combined comparison Operator (<=>)
  • Return Type Declarations
  • Scalar Type Declarations
  • Anonymous Classes

Full details and download links visit

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