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Integrated Terminal in Sublime Text with Terminus Package

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I adore Sublime Text, I'm often jumping to other editors to use an integrated terminal but not anymore! A new package called Terminus written by Randy Lai adds support for an integrated terminal panel and a view! I cannot understate how awesome this is! I've been trying to find a package to add terminal support for years! 

Terminus is heavily inspired by TerminalView another Sublime Text package that adds a terminal to a view. 

What I love about Terminus is you can add a toggleable panel or a view. 


To install it simple open Package Control and search for Terminus


There are default key bindings 

{ "keys": ["alt+`"], "command": "toggle_terminus_panel" }

I prefer to use ctrl+` to toggle you can easily change them with custom key bindings:

This toggles the panel but also opens in the current root folder

	"keys": ["ctrl+`"], "command": "toggle_terminus_panel", "args": {
        "config_name": "Default",
        "cwd": "${folder}"

I also like to have the option to open Terminus in a view to this time using alt+`

	"keys": ["alt+`"], "command": "terminus_open", "args": {
        "config_name": "Default",
        "cwd": "${folder}"


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