My favourite Evernote feature on a iPhone

My favourite Evernote feature on a iPhone

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I love using Evernote it's my go to app for jotting down my thoughts and documenting meetings with clients.

I'm often catching up with the latest web development news/talks on Twitter. I used to email or favorite the tweets as a way of saving them so so I can come back to them at a later time. I've starting using the share feature in IOS instead.

When I see a tweet with a photo or link I want to save I press the share button then select Evernote this will then get the photo or the webpage content and embed that to a note, at the same time the notebook used can be selected.


To set up Evernote as a share option

Click the share button then scroll to the right and click on the last icon for options.


Next click on Evernote to have it as a share option.

I then click and drag the Evernote icon to the far left to make it my first option.

As a result I'm using Evernote more then ever.
Note all webpages look as good same loose their styling whilst other look superb.This feature is a time saver as Evernote syncs with all other devices that have Evernote installed.

If your not an Evernote user you should check it out.

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