Essential Laravel Packages

Essential Laravel Packages

Nov 2, 2018·

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Laravel comes with a lot out the box, however, you'll often add third-party packages to add extra functionality to your projects the following are packages I use on most Laravel projects.


Package for working with Microsoft Graph API


An easy way to send emails whenever an exception occurs on the server. Whenever an exception is created an automatic email is sent containing the exception and the complete stack trace.


Package for integration Google's ReCaptcha service into Laravel

Laravel DOMPDF

A DOMPDF wrapper for Laravel, making PDF's easy. 

Laravel Elfinder 

Adds support for Elfinder within Laravel
"This packages integrate elFinder 2.1, by making the PHP files available with Composer (+autoloading) and the assets with a publish command. It also provides some example views for standalone, tinymce and ckeditor"


Easy flash notifications

Laravel Menu

This package allows custom menus to be created easily


This package adds a trait to allow adding searching to your models painless

Laravel Modules

This package gives the ability to work with Laravel in a modular way by creating modules. 

Flysystem Dropbox

A flysystem driver for Dropbox that uses the v2 API

Laravel Analytics

A Laravel package to retrieve page views and other data from Google Analytics

Laravel Backup

A package to backup your Laravel app

Laravel Permission

Added the ability to have user roles and permissions

Laravel Debugbar

Add a debug bar to the application when in development

Laravel Sitemap

Quickly generate sitemaps with ease 

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