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Mixing Jeditable with a Calendar

David Carr

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For a recent project I needed to be able to edit text directly on the webpage I decided to use jeditable its very easy to implement and served my needs, but I also needed to add a Jquery UI calendar to the input once generated.

I tried a lot of different ways none of which worked until I came across a githup project called jeditable-datepicker

The default example works well:


$( document ).ready( function() {

  var date = $( '.editable' );

    function( value, settings ) {
      date.html( value );
      type: 'datepicker'

} );

It how ever does not demonstrate how to save the changes, with a little change saving the changes is easily done.

$(function() {

    var date = $('.editable');

    $('.editable').editable('save.php', {
         indicator : 'Saving...',
         tooltip   : 'Click to edit...',
         type: 'datepicker'


The changes are sent to save.php via a post. Inside the save file you collect the data then ideally save it, for this example I'm only formatting the data and showing the result back.

$value = $_POST['value'];
$id    = $_POST['id'];

//format date
$value = date('jS M', strtotime($value));

//print the date
echo $value;
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