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David Carr

2 min read - 16th Aug, 2018

Today I received a print copy of my new book Beginning PHP which I co-wrote with Marcus Gray 

I spent a long time writing and researching the material for this book. I'm really happy with the end result. Marcus wrote the first 4 chapters, I wrote the remaining 4 chapters. The material is diverse which I believe will help beginners and experienced programmers alike.

Beginning PHP is a book that will take you from the foundations of PHP and guide you along as you take your first steps into building a useable PHP application.

It is an ideal starter guide if you are new to the PHP language and want to get started quickly with a practical project. Starting from the basics such as what are variables, if statements, connecting to a database right through to building a custom framework and web application.

Beginning PHP is also a good starting point for anyone who has explored PHP or similar languages in the past and is looking for a refresher into the syntax of PHP.

Once they have mastered the basics the real fun will start.

Readers following along with the steps in the book will start their first chapters diving into the foundations of the language, they will learn how to use a variable, a function and much much more. They will also have an opportunity to put these skills to the test with follow along exercises as well as learning useful hints and tips.

By the end of the book, users will have completed all the exercises leaving them with a fully working PHP based Customer Relationship management Application.  Not only this but they will have gained a working knowledge of concepts such as the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern as well as some of the key concepts of OOP programming like how to get to grips with name objects, classes and other related topics like namespaces.

The skills that readers of beginning PHP will gain thought this book will gain as they progress through his book will help build confidence with PHP and equip them with the skills they need to expand on the application they have built.

Beginning PHP is available on Amazon

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