Laravel organise migrations into folders

David Carr

1 min read - 3rd Jul, 2022

Laravel migrations

When a project grows the migrations folder can contain a lot of migration, ever wanted to separate them into folders? turns out it's easy to so. All you need to do is tell Laravel where to read the migrations from.

In your AppServiceProvider.php boot call, you can call $this->loadMigrationsFrom() and give it a path of all the folder locations:

$migrationsPath = database_path('migrations');
$directories    = glob($migrationsPath.'/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR);
$paths          = array_merge([$migrationsPath], $directories);


Now when you run

php artisan migrate

all folders will be scanned.

To migrate specific folders use --path for example for all migration in a folder called posts

php artisan migrate --path=/database/migrations/posts

or to make migration in a folder:

php artisan make:migration create_posts_table --path=/database/migrations/posts
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