Which social network is best for sharing technical content?

Which social network is best for sharing technical content?

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I love to share great content across my networks, after reviewing them recently I've found a clear engagement winner for my content.

This is based solely on my content and may differ when looking at other content sources.

I share my content across Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook looking back over my last 20 posts I can see a few clicks and comments on Twitter, a bit less on LinkedIn and nothing at all on Google+ on Facebook however quite a different story.

There are more comments, sharing and likes overall the engagement is a lot more apparent.

For example here is a post on Twitter:

This post was shared on Facebook:

I would have thought Twitter would have won on this, the problem with Twitter is how fast paced it is. Post at the wrong time and it gets washed away the everything else that's happening or die from the volume of content. 

Facebook is a slower pace meaning users have a better chance of seeing it.

Again this is based on my experience but for me, Facebook is the clear engagement winner.

Having said that I'll be giving just as much love to the social networks still but it's nice to know how they shape up.