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How Long Can You Buy A Domain Name For?

Kerry Owston

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How long do you have to buy a domain name before it expires? If you need the answer to that question, then this article is for you! We will cover why you need a domain name and discuss the length of time they are available for purchase.

A domain name is the "address" of your website or blog. It's kind of like the phone number for a home. A domain name tells people where they can find that particular site on the internet. And they help make brands look more professional online than just a social media page.

Domain names are great for businesses because they help them attract more visitors and contribute to the website's SEO rankings. They are also helpful for bloggers since it's difficult to remember a long URL or email address when you want to share something with your social followers.

To buy a domain name, you need an account with one of the many domain registrars. These companies make it easy for anyone who wants to purchase or sell domains and register them to be found online. You might have heard of some popular ones like GoDaddy, Network Solutions,, Host Gator or Namecheap.

A registrar will manage the admin of your domain for you and even take care of DNS settings which is the technology that translates domain names into IP addresses so that you can browse the internet.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server, and it's essentially a network of servers that keep track of all your requests when you're on the web.

Do you own your domain name forever?

The short answer is no. For brands having a website is a lot like having an online version of a physical business. But unlike a brick and mortar building, you can not opt to own your domain name outright. You have to keep registering it with your registrar.

Typically, it is possible to register your domain for a set period, such as one or two years. Frequently, it is possible to get deals with your registrar to get your first year free or even at a lower cost when you agree to register your domain for two years or more.

If you're planning to register your domain name for more than one year, it pays to research which registrar will be the best fit for you. Some providers have better prices or offer special deals that can save money over time.

How can you renew your domain when it expires?

There are a few options for renewal. The easiest way is to auto-renew your domain with your original registrar. They will send you a reminder before the expiration date and automatically renew it for an additional year.

You can also manually renew your domain by logging in to your account with the registrar; this usually happens less than 30 days before registration expiration. This renewal period might also be an excellent time to shop around and see if you can get a better deal.

What happens if you forget?

Forgetting to register your domain name can be a pain. Either you may lose the domain altogether and have to start over, or you will need to purchase it from a third party. And if you had an unwanted domain on auto-renew, you may end up paying for it again and having to wait years for your chance to cancel again.

What are your options if you lose your domain? Well, there might still be hope! You can check with some of the other registrars that offer "domain parking" services. Domain parking is when a company agrees not to sell or register a domain but to hold it for you until you contact them.

Most registrars will only do this with domains that are not in their systems and can be expensive, But the good news is there's no risk of forgetting! Once your registration date comes up, they'll notify you and then renew.

It is very easy to forget as domains are often purchased from multiple providers; keeping track of where a domain is and its DNS settings can be tricky.

Many people pay for domains but forget to renew them or lose the login details. Leading to missed opportunities and lost revenue.  In times like this, the service provided by Domain Mapper is invaluable. 

Domain Mapper solves renewal problems by automating the process for you and sending email reminders seven days before the renewal deadline of each domain that needs it. Users of this system have been able to reduce manual workaround managing enormously. Allowing more time for managing the websites and less time instead of dealing with admin matters!

Long-term leasing your domain is another option.

One solution to the price-per-year issue is to sign on for a maximum lease of ten years. ICANN--the international body that regulates domains and related requirements. Typically they allow registration from one to 10 years, while only a ten-year term ensures long-term benefits. Eliminating any worries about losing the domain name over a sustained period. That said, not all registrars offering the service are reputable.

Some registrars offer domain name leases ranging from 45 years to a lifetime. Their advertising is not always accurate or precise. They are still restricted to the 10-year term; they have taken the money upfront and agreed to renew for you when your domain expires.

Your brand is essentially banking on them still been in business when it's time to renew. And if they are not in business and your domain expires, they will probably not bother letting you know. The lack of clarity could be a massive headache if you or your customers depend on your website for income.

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