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Laravel package MsGraph

David Carr

Microsoft Graph API Packages Laravel Framework PHP & MySQL

    I've released a new Laravel package called MsGraph that's essentially a wrapper for working with Microsoft Graph API.

    The package comes with a few trait classes to offer simpler functions to working with Mail, Contacts and ToDo's more will be coming over the new few months. MsGraph can also be used to call an API endpoint directly.

    For instance to get a users emails:


    or using a trait method:


    When working with the endpoint you use MsGraph:: followed by the HTTP verb (get, post, put, patch or delete) then the endpoint URL and where needed an array of data.

    For instance to create a contact:

    $data = [
    	'displayName' => request('name'),
    	'givenName' => request('name'),
    	'emailAddresses' => [[
    		'address' => request('email'),
    		'name' => request('name')
    MsGraph::post("me/contacts", $data);
    //OR use the trait

    This makes working with the Graph API simpler, I'll be writing tutorials on different use cases soon. In the meantime give it a whirl.

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