Get involved and help the NHS with The Humber Care Tech Challenge

Get involved and help the NHS with The Humber Care Tech Challenge

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The NHS are looking for ways to bring technology into homes to aid better care and support for vulnerable residents and patients. 

The Humber Care Tech Challenge is an exciting opportunity for participants to develop yet to be imagined technology solutions which will help to make the home a safe and proactive part of health and social care.

The winning teams will also receive support from mentors at Amazon, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the University of Hull to help turn their ideas into real products and make a difference in the Humber region and beyond!

This is a 2-day hackathon to come up with ideas to help the NHS and residents in their home using technology. Turning to developers like you and me is an exciting way to make this happen and get involved from the ground up! 

What's exciting to me about this is whoever wins the event will get funding from Amazon to build the product and be mentored in conjunction with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the University of Hull. 

The One Point are sponsoring this event along with Amazon and KCOM making this a great local event to get involved with.

A Visioning Day will be taking place at the University of Hull on 31 July where subject matter experts will talk about the day to day challenges in care that could be addressed through innovative technology solutions. Amazon are also hosting an “art of the possible” session, where you can find out about current and upcoming technologies. This is also a great opportunity to meet other contestants and discuss ideas.

To register for a free place at the Visioning Day, please email

The Visioning day is 31st July 2018 for the Humber Care Tech Challenge event with Amazon Web Services.

It is a great opportunity for budding developers, (over 18) students and companies that want to work more closely with the NHS and make a difference in the care sector through the use of digital strategies.

Do you know anyone that could put a team in? Teams of 2 to 5 required.

£5 per person.

Please see below the website links:

Brid Spa Box Office page:
Email (for enquiries):

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