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PHP 7 Alpha 1 released

David Carr


    Yesterday PHP 7.0.0 alpha 1 was released:

    #PHP 7.0.0 alpha 1 is here! Get it from, and please report bugs at!

    — (@official_php) June 12, 2015

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 1. This release marks the beginning of the PHP 7 major series. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system.


    PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 1 comes with new version of the Zend Engine with features such as (incomplete list):

    • Improved performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6
    • Consistent 64-bit support
    • Many fatal errors are now Exceptions
    • Removal of old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
    • The null coalescing operator (??)
    • Combined comparison Operator (<=>)
    • Return Type Declarations
    • Scalar Type Declarations
    • Anonymous Classes

    For more information on the new features and other changes, you can read the NEWS file, or the UPGRADING filefor a complete list of upgrading notes. These files can also be found in the release archive.

    For source downloads of PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 1 please visit the download page, Windows binaries can be found

    The second alpha will be released on the 25th of June. You can also read the full list of planned releases on ourwiki.

    Thank you for helping us make PHP better.

    This is great news, for those that do not want to compile php manually php7dev is available.

    php7dev is a Debian 8 Vagrant image which is preconfigured for testing PHP apps and developing extensions across many versions of PHP.

    New version of the php7dev Vagrant image 90s video to get you testing PHP 7 now

    — Rasmus Lerdorf (@rasmus) March 30, 2015

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