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Using closures and $this within a class with PHP

David Carr

PHP & MySQL Tutorials

    Closures are really useful, especially for creating plugins when a full blown controller is not needed, today I came across a problem when using a closure within a class and trying to use $this-> which resulted in getting this error:

    Using $this when not in object context.

    The problem is PHP 5.3 does not let you use $this inside a closure, take this example I have a method with a controller inside I'm trying to use $this-> to refer to a object. 

    public function routes(){
        Router::any('(:all)', function($request) {
            $row = $this->_db->get_post_by_slug($request);

    This will result in an error when using PHP 5.3 or less for 5.4+ it works fine. So if you're still using 5.3 WHY? best to upgrade to latest stable release.

    To make this backwards compatible and work in 5.3 a variable can hold a reference to $this and that can be passed/bound to the closures.
    To do this create a variable and pass it $this<

    $class = $this;

    Then for the closures use the use function and pass in $class with a & to it's not passing it as a reference but referring to the actual object.

    Router::any('(:all)', function($request) use (&$class){

    The important part is use (&$class) that makes $class available to the closure which is the same as $this, now instead of writing $this->_db I would write $class->_db like this:

    Router::any('(:all)', function($request) use (&$class){
        $row = $class->_db->get_post_by_slug($request);

    This enables closures to refer to objects in the main class in 5.3 for 5.4+ no change is needed and $this can be used freely.

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