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PHP adding multiple times together

Working with dates and times can be tricky unless you use some handy built in functions, I found myself needing to do a few different time calculations that had me stumped for awhile (head down in shame!).

I have a series of times in the format of hh:mm:ss that I needed to add together to get a total. I first tried adding them all together of course the result was wrong so I took to Google trying to find a quick solution to my problem, as this can be much quicker at times.

I found lots of results most of which had line after line of code! way too much for such a simple task, I wanted something simple then I realised as I already had the times in a time format I can make use of strtotime which will convert the time from hours, minutes and seconds to seconds then I can add those seconds together.

Here is my very simple code in action:

$total = strtotime($r->mon) + strtotime($r->tue) + strtotime($r->wen) + strtotime($r->thu) + strtotime($r->fri);

The strtotime function expects a data to be passed you can also pass just a time which is what I have done in this case, then to show the total time I used date combined with strtotime:

date('H:i', $total)

A very simple and easy to expand solution.

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