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Laravel Livewire

David Carr

Livewire confirm Sweet Alert

Using Sweet alerts with Livewire is possible by triggering events from Livewire / AlpineJs and having javascript listen for the event and act when it's triggered.

On a link or button using wire:click we can trigger sending an event using $emit it takes 2 params 

1) the event name
2) the value to pass

<button wire:click="$emit('triggerDelete',{{ $contact->id }})" type="button">Delete</button>

Then in a view when the event is triggered a closure will file. From there a normal Sweet Alert is executed. When a confirmation runs the if result.value runs then triggers a method on the Livewire controller called delete and pass in the value.

<script type="text/javascript">
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {

        @this.on('triggerDelete', id => {
                title: 'Are You Sure?',
                html: "You won't be able to revert this!",
                icon: 'warning',
                showCancelButton: true,
            }).then((result) => {
                if (result.value) {

This approach is dead simple and allows Livewire and Sweet Alerts to work together.

You could trigger the event from a Livewire controller if you prefer.

Thanks to BezhanSalleh for posting the solution on Laracasts

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