Otto the successor to Vagrant (portable development environments)

Otto the successor to Vagrant (portable development environments)

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HashiCorp the company behind the hugely successful portable development environments software Vagrant releases a successor Otto There is a growing need for VM software when it comes to web development to meet the needs of the ever growing different server configurations, types of servers and software needed.

Otto automatically builds development environments without any configuration; it can detect your project type and has built-in knowledge of industry-standard tools to setup a development environment that is ready to go. When you’re ready to deploy, otto builds and manages an infrastructure, sets up servers, builds, and deploys the application.

Development teams need to be able to build software in the same development locally that will be running the software once deployed. Vagrant does that already but every project need it's environments configured, that can be time consuming. Otto solves this by abstracting the configurations away.

Why Otto?

Developers want to focus on building scalable, secure applications. But it is overwhelming and time consuming to learn all the tooling required to develop locally, provision infrastructure, deploy the application, and secure the application.

Otto abstracts away this complexity into one tool to handle all the aspects of development and deployment to any cloud platform. Maximize developer productivity, follow best practices, and automate operations with Otto.

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