Laravel how to set app environment during tests

David Carr

Laravel how to set app environment during tests

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If you need to set an environment to be a specific one such as staging you can override the environment by changing the config value app_env

config(['app.env' => 'staging']);

Then doing a dd on config(‘app.env’) will return that environment you’ve just set.

I haven’t found a way to set environments with app()->environment() so instead, I recommend using this in_array function and passing in the config(‘app.env’) and then specifically defining the environments. 

in_array(config('app.env'), ['local', 'staging'])

For example, say you have this in a command:

if (! in_array(config('app.env'), ['local', 'staging'])) {
    $this->error(‘Will only run on local and staging environments’);
    return true;

Test this runs when the environment is set to production

test(‘cannot run on production’, function () {

    config(['app.env' => 'production']);

        ->expectsOutput(‘DB sync will only run on local and staging environments’)


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