Image intervention - Image source not readable

David Carr

1 min read - 23rd May, 2022


When using intervention package for uploading images you may come across this error when uploading an image:

This means the image path cannot be read by intervention. This can happen as intervention uploads to storage when the disk isn't specified.

If you want to use storage then ensure Laravel created a symbolic link:

php artisan storage:link

If you want to use the public disk set your filesystem in .env to public


Then in config/filesystems.php:

'public' => [
    'driver'     => 'local',
    'root'       => public_path(),
    'url'        => env('APP_URL').'/images',
    'visibility' => 'public',

This will ensure the public disk points to the public folder and set the URL to the application URL followed by an images path.

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