Need place holder images for a new design? Placeholder is perfect for the job

David Carr

1 min read - 3rd Aug, 2012

When prototyping a new layout it's convenient to use placeholder images then it is to use the final images. You could make the placeholder images in an image editing program.

There is a far better way using a site called you can quickly get an image of any size you require by simply going to and placing your desired width and height after the address like: which generates an image 350px wide by 150px tall you can then save the image and use it or use that path in an img src path like:

<img src=''>

Which gives you this image:

You can also specify the colour of the background and text by passing them as extra parameters in the url call:

<img src="" alt="" />

The first set of colours is the background the second is the text color.

A very useful service, one to bookmark.

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