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.blog the new domain for daveismyname

Today I’ve finally secured the domain extensions I’ve been after since it was first announced over 2 years ago. All was going well for getting a .blog last year until it was announced the .blog extension was bought for by at the time unknown buyer! it seemed that was it for getting a .blog extension. It turns out Automattic the company behind Wordpress were the ones who bought the rights to .blog

A few months ago they announced public registration for .blog domains would be open to the general public from November. 

As you can imagine I was extremely happy with the news! I immediately pre-ordered the extension was a perfect fit for my blog. I used to have a portfolio showcasing my work as well as having a blog and the usual information pages. I don’t do freelance work (I’ve got enough on with my job) so I restructured my site a few years ago to be a blog primarily.

Today I’ve switched over from .com to .blog fully everything that was on is now on I could not be happier that I’ve got a .blog extension for me it’s perfect, much better then or a .com much more fitting to what it’s actually about. 

Get your .blog domain by going to

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