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Training resources I've used over the last 12 months

David Carr

Tools Development

At work we recently created a survey to find out what training staff had received in the last 12 months, which made me think it would make a pretty good post on what I’ve used:



PHP UK Conference -

PHP Yorkshire -

Laravel Live UK -


Multiple CodePen meetups. -

Purchased Laravel up and running book -


Online training resources

Laracasts -

Code Course -

I subscribe to PHP Arch a PHP magazine -



Oreilly -

Design Modo -

Manning -

Laravel News - -

Good Reads -



Dev Hell -

Five minute geek show -

Code school -

Full Stack Radio -

Laracasts -

Laravel News -

Laravel Podcast -

PHP Round Table -

Shop Talk Radio -

SitePoint -

Syntax FM -

Three devs and a maybe -

Unfinished Biz -

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