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During the development phase it’s important to test sending emails without sending to end users or clients that’s where Mailtrap comes in. Mailtrap allows you to send emails without fear of spamming your customers. The emails will be sent Mailtrap where you can see emails sent from your site and inspect them. 

The advantages of routing all emails to Mailtrap is you can deep test your emails, Mailtrap also gives you a spam score and analysis.

Integrating is extremely easy by sending emails via SMTP, for instance with Nova Framework integration can be done like this:

return array(
  "driver" => "smtp",
  "host" => "",
  "port" => 2525,
  "from" => array(
      "address" => "[email protected]",
      "name" => "Example"
  "username" => "username here",
  "password" => "password here",
  "sendmail" => "/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs",
  "pretend" => false

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