Firefox adds support for preload attribute

David Carr

1 min read - 11th Jul, 2017

Today Firefox announced support for preload will be added to today’s build of Firefox.

support will land in today's build

— Firefox Nightly (@FirefoxNightly) July 11, 2017

Using preload links to declaratively specify which resources the user agent must fetch early to improve page performance. 

According to preload is supported in Chrome, Opera and Android browser (Firefox has yet to be added)

Early fetch of critical resources example:

<link rel="preload" href="/assets/font.woff2" as="font" type="font/woff2">
<link rel="preload" href="/style/other.css" as="style">
<link rel="preload" href="//" as="fetch" crossorigin>
<link rel="preload" href="" as="font" crossorigin type="font/woff2">


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