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Free Bootstrap Admin Themes

David Carr

Tools Design

  • Joli Angular JS Admin
  • Karmanta Lite
  • Flat Admin
  • Metro Dashboard
  • Director
  • Dark Admin
  • Nice Admin
  • Responsive Dashboard
  • Gentelella
  • Edmin
  • Dashboard
  • Lumino
  • SB Admin 2
  • Hierapolis
  • Free Bootstrap Admin Template
  • Zontal Admin
  • Matrix Free Bootstrap Admin Template
  • Dashgum
  • KAdmin
  • Binary
  • Bootstrap Admin Theme 3
  • Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template
  • Metis
  • Clean Dashboard Bootstrap UI Theme
  • TemplateVamp
  • AdminLTE v1.0
  • Charisma free, responsive, multiple skin admin template
  • SB Admin
  • VinceG / Bootstrap-Admin-Theme
  • onokumus / Bootstrap-Admin-Template
  • 3 Bootstrap Admin Themes
  • Bootstrap 3.x Admin's Theme
  • HTML5 Admin Template
  • DevOOPS
  • The following is a collection of freely available Bootstrap admin themes, each theme looks great and can be customised easily.

    Joli Angular JS Admin

    Joli is a free admin template/Dashboard/Web App based on Angular JS. Its is responsive template means it is compatible with smart devices like tablet and phones as well.It is very easy to use and customize according to various requirements.



    Karmanta Lite

    Karmanta – Free Admin Template Download is the excellent responsive and multipurpose Admin Theme powered with Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Framework. Karmanta can be used for any type of web applications dashboard: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites: CMSs, SAAS, CRM, HRMS, Support & Social portal, e-commerce, personal business, corporate. Karmanta has a minimal, sleek, clean and intuitive design which makes your next project look awesome and yet user friendly.


    Demo Download

    Flat Admin

    Free Bootstrap 3 Administrator Site Templates

    <a name=Flat Admin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/flatadmin.png" />

    Demo Download

    Metro Dashboard

    A Metro Style Dashboard Template with Twitter Bootstrap

    Dashboard" target="_blank">Metro

    Dashboard/" target="_blank">Demo Dashboard" target="_blank">Download


    Director is a free responsive admin template. It is built on top of famous twitter bootstrap framework. It is uniquely designed responsive admin template. You will get all necessary component for building application backend like buttons, modal, progress bar, tables etc.

    <a name=Director" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/Director.png" />

    Director-free/index.html" target="_blank">Demo Download

    Dark Admin

    A free Bootstrap theme from PrepBootstrap. This is a admin theme with many addition pages and layouts. Dashboard, which contains dashboard widgets, that handle the task of data visualization for the theme. Useful for quarterly reports, sales data, or data reporting.

    <a name=Dark Admin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/dark-admin.png" />

    Demo Download

    Nice Admin

    A powerful admin template based on Bootstrap that provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on UX. It has been built to work seamlessly across browsers, tablets and phones. It includes advanced examples of charts, form validation and maps.

    <a name=Nice Admin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/NiceAdmin.png" />

    Demo Download

    Responsive Dashboard

    A powerful admin template based on Bootstrap that provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on UX. It has been built to work seamlessly across browsers, tablets and phones. It includes advanced examples of charts, form validation and maps.

    <a name=Responsive Dashboard" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/ResponsiveDashboard.png" />

    Demo Download


    Gentelella a responsive, flat and full featured admin template build. This template is build on Bootstrap 3 framework using modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size.

    <a name=Edmin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/gentelella.png" />

    Demo Download


    Edmin is a Bootstrap Admin Template with jQuery plugins that is perfect for your projects. It provides an easy to use modern and flat user interface design and a fully responsive layout that is compatible with handheld devices such as phones and tablets.

    Edmin contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts and navigation.

    <a name=Edmin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/edmin.png" />

    Demo & Download


    Dashboard is free admin template, responsive HTML5 layout including forms, tables, charts, graphs, and maps.

    <a name=Dashboard" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/templatemo_415_dashboard.jpg" />

    Demo & Download


    Lumino is a clean, fresh admin panel template built on the Bootstrap framework and available for free on Medialoot. This fully responsive HTML5 template includes everything you need for your backend administration panel. Some of Lumino’s many features are a dashboard overview page, various widgets, responsive charts, advanced data tables, forms, ui elements and sample login page.

    <a name=Lumino" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/Lumino-Admin-Bootstrap-Template.jpg" />

    Demo & Download

    SB Admin 2

    SB Admin 2 Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard template, or webapp UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built in Bootstrap UI features.

    <a name=SB Admin 2" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/sb-admin-2.jpg" />

    Demo & Download


    This is a private admin template which is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 with Sass and Compass.

    Hierapolis Hierapolis (Greek: á¼¹εράπολις 'sacred city') was an ancient Greco-Roman city in Phrygia located on hot springs in southwest Anatolia. Its ruins are adjacent to modern Pamukkale, Turkey.

    <a name=Hierapolis" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/Hierapolis.png" />

    Demo & Download

    Free Bootstrap Admin Template

    Free Bootstrap Admin Template is free to use responsive admin dashboard template with all features that you need. It can be used for personal and commercial use.

    <a name=Free Bootstrap Admin Template" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/admin-template-back.png" />

    Demo & Download

    Zontal Admin

    Free Responsive Admin Theme – Zontal Admin Template is free admin dashboard template with horizontal layout. You can use it for personal and commercial use.

    <a name=Zontal Admin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/zontal-admin-back.png" />

    Demo & Download

    Matrix Free Bootstrap Admin Template

    Matrix Admin is a modren clean and powerful ready to use responsive admin template, based on Bootstrap v3.1.1, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs. This template is completely flexible and user friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device. Matrix admin template is designed based on latest design standards, which fits to all kinds of requiments with number of useful plugins. The customizing of this admin template is very easy with comments inline and high quality HTML Code.

    Matrix <a name=Free Bootstrap Admin Template" src="/assets/images/blog/design/bootstrap/Matrix-Free-Bootstrap-Admin-Template.jpg" />

    Demo & Download


    DashGum is a simple & elegant admin panel. It comes with 15 pages to start your panel as soon as possible.

    With DashGum you have charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to do lists and more. Grab our free theme and enjoy it.

    <a name=Dashgum" src="/assets/images/blog/design/dashgum.png" />

    Demo & Download


    JANUX is a responsive and multipurpose admin and frontend theme powered with Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 Framework. JANUX can be used for any type of web applications: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites: business, eCommerce. corporate, portfolio, blog. We put a lot of love and effort to make JANUX a useful tool for everyone and now. We are keen to release continuous long term updates and dozens of new features will be coming soon in the future releases.

    <a name=JANUX" src="/assets/images/blog/design/janux.png" />

    Demo & Download


    KAdmin – is a free lightweight responsive admin theme built with latest Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 and contains plenty of UI components, Light and dark theme skins.

    KAdmin can be used for any type of web applications: admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, custom admin panels, CRM, CMS, SAAS and websites: eCommerce, business, corporate, portfolio, blog. KAdmin has a flat balanced, sleek, clean and intuitive metro design which makes your next project look awesome and yet user friendly. KAdmin has a huge collection of UI components and plugins and works seamlessly on phones, tablets, all major web browsers .

    <a name=KAdmin" src="/assets/images/blog/design/kaadmin.png" />

    Demo & Download


    SIMINTA is a responsive admin dashboard template Using Twitter bootstrap Framework for admin and back end applications. It is a reliable, user friendly and easy to customise. SIMINTA Admin comes with a huge collection of plugins and UI components that makes your work easy. All codes written on pages/ files are self explanatory with comments provided all over with them and hence this will make you comfortable to customize the template. Download it and enjoy saving your time. It is 100% free to use for personal and commercial usage.

    <a name=SIMINTA" src="/assets/images/blog/design/siminta.png" />

    Demo & Download


    Binary Admin is 100% free for personal & commercial use under Commons Attribution 3.0. You can use this template for your project free of cost or for commercial purpose. Hope you will love this template.

    <a name=Binarycart" src="/assets/images/blog/design/binary.png" />

    Demo & Download

    Bootstrap Admin Theme 3

    A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap 3 free for both personal and commercial use.


    Demo & Download


    BCORE is fully Responsive admin template based on twitter bootstrap framework. It comes with almost all plugins which you ever needed. Just have a look on the demo and you will get to know how much stuff this template got for you. Hope you would like and love it for your next project.

    <a name=BCORE" src="/assets/images/blog/design/BCORE.png" />

    Demo & Download

    Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template

    Today I share an admin template based on popular TwitterÂ’s Bootstrap CSS framework. It has a lot of benefits such as responsive design, response images, a host of ready-made styles and icons that you can use.

    <a name=Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template" src="/assets/images/blog/design/9.jpg" />

    Demo & Download


    Free Admin Template with Twitter Bootstrap Bootstrap Admin template is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License

    <a name=Metis" src="/assets/images/blog/design/247405.jpg" />

    Demo & Download

    Clean Dashboard Bootstrap UI Theme

    Bootstrap theme with demo and additional UI components not included in the bootstrap packaging. Fixed footer, admin panels, shadow box and more.

    Clean <a name=Dashboard Bootstrap UI Theme" src="/assets/images/blog/design/Screen%20Shot%202013-08-14%20at%209.49.11%20AM.png" />

    Demo & Download


    Based on Twitter Bootstrap, TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customizable admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3. It can be used as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications that are lightweight, faster, and mobile-friendly; a great starting point.

    TemplateVamp contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and JavaScript extensions.

    <a name=TemplateVamp" src="/assets/images/blog/design/0e6f28e82f4cb66e5f4ba7492640eb83.jpg" />

    Demo & Download

    AdminLTE v1.0

    A free premium admin dashboard and control panel theme. Based on Bootstrap 3 Framework.

    <a name=AdminLTE v1.0" src="/assets/images/blog/design/adminlte-dashboard.png" />

    Demo & Download

    Charisma free, responsive, multiple skin admin template

    Charisma is a fully featured, free, premium quality, responsive, HTML5 admin template (or backend template) based on Bootstrap from Twitter, it comes with 9 different themes to suit your style and application type.


    Demo & Download

    SB Admin

    <a name=SB Admin" src="/assets/images/blog/tutorials/sbadmin.png" style="height:621px; width:1280px" />


    • SB Admin is a free admin theme for Bootstrap 3.
    • The theme is 100% free and open source, use it for any purpose. Private or commercial.
    • We recommend customizing the admin template beyond the default Bootstrap theme.
    • The SB Admin theme features several third-party plugins that have seperate documentation. We recommend that you visit the following documentation sources to understand how to fully use this admin theme.
      • Bootstrap - Official Bootstrap Documentation
      • Tablesorter 2.0 - Flexible client-side table sorting
      • morris.js - A jQuery charts plugin
      • Flot - Attractive JavaScript plugin for jQuery
    • The charts won't work unless they are hosted on a server, local or remote.
    • This theme makes use of a few CDN's to cut down on the file sizes.
    • Template Pages:
      • Dashboard
      • Charts
      • Tables
      • Forms
      • Typography
      • Bootstrap Elements
      • Bootstrap Grid
      • Blank Page

    Demo & Download

    VinceG / Bootstrap-Admin-Theme

    A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap free for both personal and commercial use.


    Demo & Download

    onokumus / Bootstrap-Admin-Template

    Free Admin Template with Twitter Bootstrap

    onokumus / Bootstrap-Admin-Template

    Demo & Download

    3 Bootstrap Admin Themes

    <a name=3 Bootstrap Admin Themes" src="/assets/images/blog/tutorials/themes.png" style="height:665px; width:1280px" />

    Demo & Download

    Bootstrap 3.x Admin's Theme

    An admin theme built with Bootstrap 3.x. Free for personal and commercial use

    <a name=3 Bootstrap Admin Themes" src="/assets/images/blog/design/meritoo.png" />

    Demo & Download

    HTML5 Admin Template

    Responsive HTML5 Admin Template using Bootstrap v3. HTML5 Admin preserves bootstrap3′s modern flat design that gives you a better User Interface to help you have more engaged user and a more pleasant navigation throughout the back-end.

    <a name=HTML5 Admin Template" src="/assets/images/blog/design/html5admin.png" />

    Demo & Download


    Free Bootstrap 3 Theme (licence - GPL v3)


    Demo & Download

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