New book: Laravel The Modular Way

New book: Laravel The Modular Way

Learn how to build modular Laravel Applications.

Jan 1, 2022·

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For years I've built Laravel applications using modules. I prefer to use modules to keep my code organised and grouped by common features aka Modules. Using modules helps to keep your code base manageable, easier to work on in teams and can easily be exported into composer packages or simply copy and pasted into other projects.

I've written a book that will help you to learn how to build modular laravel applications. This book is in two parts, firstly to document version 8 of the Laravel Modules package.

The second part will cover how to build on top of this package. I've been using this package to build both CMS's and web apps for years, I highly recommend it.

You will learn not only the basics of working with modules but how to write tests to ensure everything works within the modules, customise the structure of modules, write your own base structure that can be generated.

  • ✅ 118+ pages of content depending on the format (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)
  • ✅ Test-Driven module development with PestPHP
  • ✅ How to generate custom modules with your own structure
  • ✅ How to convert a module to a package
  • ✅ Install a module package
  • ✅ Thorough walkthrough & explanations
  • ✅ Author has +17 years in the field

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