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Get involved in open source with Github's Hacktoberfest

Want to get involved with open source and contribute but don’t know where to start? Good new Github is starting Hacktoberfest. A month-long celebration of open source software. The idea is make at least 4 pull requests between the 1st of 31st of October and get a limited edition T-shirt.

Pull requests (PR) can be as simple as fixing a typo, helping improve a readme file or fixing a bug or adding a new feature. To get involved find issues labeled "Hacktoberfest"

To win a shirt, you must make four pull requests by October 31st. Everyone who participates receives limited-edition Hacktoberfest stickers—regardless if you complete the four pull requests or not.

Listed on Hacktoberfest is a list of getting started resouce to help you.

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