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Stripe API change subscription plan

David Carr

Stripe API Nova Framework Tutorials

    Changing a user’s subscription plan is a simple process, this post will cover the steps needed.

    I’m using Nova Framework not setup with Nova? please read Getting Stripe API setup with Nova Framework

    Much like resuming a plan passing the plan id to the subscription instance is what’s needed.

    First get the customers information, if you don’t have this method please read Stripe API get customer information

    From the $customer the subscription can be retrieved. Set the plan id to the attribute plan to change the subscription.

    From here it's a good idea to update any information you are storing such as the end dates and status.

    $customer = $this->getCustomer();
    if ($customer != null) {
        if (isset($customer->subscriptions->data[0])) {
            $subscription_id = $customer->subscriptions->data[0]->id;
            //get plan from stripe or redirect back
            try {
            } catch (Exception $e) {
                return Redirect::back();
            //change plan
            $stripe = $customer->subscriptions->retrieve($subscription_id);
            $stripe->plan = Input::get('plan_id');
            $result = $stripe->save();
            //update database user
            $user                       = User::find(Auth::id());
            $user->plan_id              = Input::get('plan_id');
            $user->current_period_end   = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $result->current_period_end);
            $user->canceled_at          = null;
            $user->cancel_at_period_end = ($result->cancel_at_period_end) ? 'true' : 'false';
            $user->status               = $result->status;


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