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Laravel Blade Components Package

I've released a blade components package.

Components can be made in projects easily enough but often it's good to reuse components across projects, this is where [Laravel Blade components collection]( comes in.

The first collection I've added is for forms. There are components for:

* form tags
* inputs 
* textareas
* checkboxes
* radios
* selects
* buttons

These allow you to write forms with less markup required, for instance, take the example login form:

< action='login'>

<x-form.input name='username' class='form-control'>{{ request('username') }}</x-form.input>
<x-form.input name='password' type='password' class='form-control'></x-form.input>

<x-form.button class='btn btn-sm btn-info mt-3'>x Login</x-form.button>


Another example, populate forms for a typical edit form:

< method='put' action='{{ route('post.update')}}'>

<x-form.input name='title' class='form-input'>{{ old('title', $post->title) }}</x-form.input>

<x-form.textarea name='content' class='form-input' cols='10' rows='10'>{{ old('content', $post->content) }}</x-form.textarea>

<x-form.button>x Login</x-form.button>


Check out the Laravel Blade components package.

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