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Add a Buffer button to your website

David Carr

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    I’m a huge fan of Buffer it allows you to connect and share content to multiple social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest) It’s a great social media management tool. I use Buffer to post to my networks at set times, this means I can setup my posts and have them sent out when I’m not around. I use this a lot for sending out useful finds on Twitter and posting them when I’m working or in client meetings.

    Today I’ve stumbled across their Buffer button, very similar to Facebook and Twitter buttons it allows you to place a little peice of code on a page and generate a button to let your users share the page with their butter account! 

    To create a Buffer button go to

    Edit the options as desired then copy and paste the generated code into the webpage where you want the Buffer button to appear.
    Like everything with Buffer super easy to do and useful.

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