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A dead simple way to run php 7 locally using bitnami mamp stack

David Carr

Tools Development

    PHP 7 release is not far aware PHP 7.0.0 RC5 is the most recent beta release now is a great time to test your applications and ensure they run smoothly on PHP 7.

    Whilst you can manually install PHP or use a VM I prefer to use mamp stacks, there dead easy to setup download an installer run it and off you go! Bitnami have mamp stacks for multiple versions of PHP including 7 RC5:

    To get up and running download and install Bitnami then go to the application folder and navigate to apache2/htdocs that’s your local server directory add your projects then run in your browser to see it in action.

    Bitnami comes with phpmyadmin I prefer a mysql client myself you can connect to mysql easily by using the host address as above instead of localhost.

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