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Laravel apply a query constraint with global scopes

David Carr

Laravel Framework PHP & MySQL Tutorials

    Imagine your building a multi-tenancy application, in your controller your using a Contacts model every single time you pull a query out it needs constraining to the current tenant like this:

    $contacts = Contact::where('tenant_id', session('tenant_id')->paginate();

    Using a global scope would mean the constraint could be applied to all your queries automatically.

    In your model using the static boot method. Add a static addGlobalScope the first param is the name of the scope and the second is a closure which is type hinted to use $builder. 

    Inside the closure add the where constraint. In this case I'm saying where the tenant_id matches a tenant_id stored in a session.

    protected static function boot()
        //apply condition to all queries
        static::addGlobalScope('tenent', function (Builder $builder) {
            $builder->where('tenant_id', session('tenant_id'));

    Import the builder

    //import Builder
    use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder;

    Now this will be applied automatically to your queries so pull all contacts is now simplified to this:

    $contacts = Contact::paginate();


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