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Coda 2 released today will you be getting a copy?

David Carr

Tools Development Design

    So unless you live under a rock you'll know today is launch day for Panic's Coda 2, its been long speculated what will be included.

    The UI has been worked on, thankfully the code indention works much better that always bugged me, the actually code and code folding looks much better.

    It's also got an inbuilt MySQL editor which will be incredibly useful saving having to have multiple applications open. Coda was also known for its CSS editor this has had a revamp too.

    Check out the full feature list on Coda's website

    It does look good and greatly improved with so many good editors out there such as Sublime Text has Panic left it too late and missed the editor boat?

    Judging by the amount of talk across Twitter I guess not.

    I'm going to give the editor a try but to be honest Sublime has such a good workflow and great plugins I can't see myself moving away from it but you never know.

    What about you?


    I gave Coda a try I found the interface a little disjoined and at times confusing the integrated FTP seems good but I won't be switching there's to much clutter for my liking.

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