A radio can also be defined, set the name, label, and value

< name='result' label='Won' value='Won'></>
< name='result' label='Lost' value='Lost'></>
< name='result' label='Draw' value='Draw'></>

Pass a value that will check the matching radio.

< name='result' label='Won' value='Won'>{{ $result }}</>
< name='result' label='Lost' value='Lost'>{{ $result }}</>
< name='result' label='Draw' value='Draw'>{{ $result }}</>

Check the checkbox by passing its value, as long its a match the checkbox will be checked.

<x-form.checkbox name='terms' value='1'>1</x-form.checkbox>


<x-form.checkbox name='terms' value='1'>{{ $terms }}</x-form.checkbox>

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