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50% off Modular Laravel book until April 17th


It's my birthday on April 15th to celebrate I'm giving 50% off my book Modular Laravel...

David Carr

Testing dynamic file uploads with Laravel

Tutorials Laravel Framework

When working with file uploads where the file name is generated, how do you know what the file name...

David Carr

New Laravel Package: Laravel Module Generator

Packages Laravel Framework

I've been working on a new package for a few weeks, this goes hand in hand with Laravel Modules,...

David Carr

Laravel Modules new docs website


I've recently started helping Nicolas Widart with his awesome package Laravel Modules I've...

David Carr

Best productivity app for mac: Alfred

Tools Development

One of the first apps I install on a fresh mac is an app called Alfred https://www.alfredapp.com/. F...

David Carr

New book: Laravel The Modular Way


For years I've built Laravel applications using Laravel modules. I prefer to use laravel modules...

David Carr

View calenders in Terminal using built-in commands


This tweet introduces how to show a calendar in a terminal, very neat!

David Carr

10 Best Bootstrap Free and Premium Admin Panels in 2021

Tools Design

Dashboards are an essential part of every web application. A good dashboard can help an organization...

David Carr

Using Laravel's withCount to count a sub query

Laravel Framework Tutorials

When you need to could a sub query Laravel provides a useful withCount method that is perfect.

David Carr

Laravel Livewire update dependent select menu's on change

Laravel Livewire Laravel Framework PHP & MySQL Tutorials

Since Livewire is reactive, it's easy to hide or show select menu's based on whether another...

David Carr

Create Bitly short links with PHP

Tutorials PHP & MySQL API

Bitly is a great tool for creating short links, in this post we will use their API to generate links...

David Carr

Testing Blade components in Laravel

PHPUnit Tests Laravel Framework Tutorials

Laravel provides a range of methods to test parts of the framework, one of which is called blade() w...

David Carr

How to rebuild search indexes on a table.

Tutorials PHP & MySQL

If you make server changes that could affect your indexes then you will need to rebuild your in...

Dan Sherwood

Filter FullCalendar and DataTables

Tutorials HTML Javascript

This guide will provide an outline on integrating a set of input filters with an instance of FullCal...

Dan Sherwood

Push content to bottom of card

Design Tutorials CSS

Want to make sure some card content is always at the bottom of their parent cards? Read on to see ho...

Dan Sherwood

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