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Tutorials | Development

Stop MAMP delay between saving and viewing changes

I’ve noticed recently when using MAMP to test PHP 7 that changes are not shown right away when...

David Carr

Tools | Development

A dead simple way to run php 7 locally using bitnami mamp stack

PHP 7 release is not far aware PHP 7.0.0 RC5 is the most recent beta release now is a great time to...

David Carr

Demos | Javascript | HTML | Tutorials

Dynamically set iframe properties with jQuery

Using jQuery it’s possible to pass properties to set the src, width and height of an iframe fr...

David Carr

HTML | CSS | Tutorials

iframe set height to 100%

Iframes are useful to loading external pages into an existing page and avoiding any style conflicts,...

David Carr

PHP & MySQL | Tutorials | Social Media

Post updates to Buffer using PHP

Buffer is a great social media management tool, perfect to scheduling facebook and twitter updates....

David Carr

Tools | Networking | Social Media

Add a Buffer button to your website

I’m a huge fan of Buffer it allows you to connect and share content to multiple social media p...

David Carr

Tools | Development

PHP Code Snippets - relaunched

PHP Code Snippets, is a members based site. Anyone can join and add their own code snippets, Snippet...

David Carr

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