Posts in October 2012

PHP & MySQL | Tutorials

Display YouTube videos from a users RSS Feed with PHP

Using an RSS feed you can load videos from a users feed, this can be as simple as a list of videos t...

David Carr

HTML | Tutorials | Tools | Development

Easily make your tables responsive with JS/CSS

I'm in the middle of building a responsive CRM when I realised it all works great except for the...

David Carr

HTML | CSS | Tutorials

Avoiding pageshift by forcing a scrollbar with CSS

Page shifting when moving from page to page? chances are its a scrollbar issue this quick tip will s...

David Carr

Javascript | Htaccess | Tutorials

3 ways to disable autocomplete on your forms

Here are 3 ways to stop forms remember what has previosuly been entered into them, the fist way is t...

David Carr

Demos | PHP & MySQL | Javascript | Tutorials

Dynamic Form with jQuery UI datepicker

This tutorial is a continuation of Dynamic Form Elements with jQuery That tutorial covered making dy...

David Carr

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